Returning from a Break


Haven’t been to the gym lately? Haven’t done any form of exercise recently? If you have been sick late, too busy or too lazy lately and have been in an exercise slump, we have just the thing to get you back into the fitness track. 
A day or two without doing any form of exercise is okay as your body needs to rest and recuperate anyway, but a stopping for 30 days can lead to a lot of consequences, like an increase in blood pressure for those who had blood pressure problems, and the accumulation of fat for many. 
Who would want the toned, healthy body that they have worked hard for, vanish in just 30 days? But if you had no control of the things going on around you and you are under this circumstance, it would be dangerous to jump right back in to where you have left your workout.
Remember, where you left off, you have been in your prime and have worked your way to that point. Jumping right back to that point can injure you. Here are a few tips to ease back into your workout without hurting yourself:
The Cobra. A basic yoga pose used to increase lung capacity and get rid of stress. It’s one of the best ease-into-it poses as it helps prepare your lungs: lie on your front, then lift your upper body, rolling your shoulders back. 
In principle, it takes the same amount of days that you have missed to regain the level of fitness you have left off. 
Two weeks of sitting on your chair and not doing any cardio can decrease your body’s ability to use oxygen. On days when you have no time to move, eat low salt meats with oxygen-boosting leafy greens.