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Certified Inpatient Coding Online, Professional Inpatient Coder

Join our Inpatient Medical Coding Classes in New Orleans and Become a Certified Inpatient Coder

If you wish to grow professionally as an inpatient coder and work with top industry employers, then you must get certified. Not only are certified inpatient coders high in demand, they also earn 40 percent more than non-certified coders. Enroll in our inpatient medical coding classes in New Orleans and become a certified coder.


Inpatient Coding Classroom Training Program—What to Expect?

Our Inpatient coding program is a 3-week and 12-hour program that will equip you with the skill-set and knowledge you need to become a competent, competitive and a certified inpatient coder.   Though we also offer a certified inpatient coding online course, our classroom training program is best for those students who are not currently working anywhere and want to learn and interact with certified and experienced instructors. Our training program is led by a professional coach who will not only covers the curriculum but also provides you with experience-based and proven tips, strategies, techniques and guidance to successfully pass the CIC certification exam in your first attempt.


Our classroom setting is perfect for those who want to socialize, interact and communicate with other talented and potential inpatient coders. In our supportive classroom environment, you will be able to interact and learn from the experiences of other students and our experienced instructor.


The curriculum focuses on:


  • Providing you with up-to-date information and knowledge about the industry;
  • Educating you about the coding concepts, terminologies and methodologies;
  • Training you in abstracting information from medical records for ICD-10-PCS and ICD-10-CM coding; and
  • Providing you with specialized knowledge about IPPS (Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems) and MS-DRG system.


Upon completing this course, you will be able to confidently take your CIC exam and clear it the first time around. We are confident about this because our course covers the topics that you are most likely to be tested on in the certification exam. Besides this, we also give students the opportunity to practice CIC exam multiple times before the end of the course, so that they are fully prepared for it.


Furthermore, after completing the training program, you will be able to demonstrate the skills and expertise that healthcare professionals seek in inpatient coders. These include expertise in medical record reviewing, assigning accurate ICD 10 codes, strong ability in integrating coding & reimbursement rule changes, and excellent knowledge about current industry rules, latest developments, new regulations and issues pertaining to compliance, reimbursements and coding under the IPPS and MSDRG systems.


At Allied Prep, we teach and train students to enjoy a lucrative career while staying competitive. We strive to ensure that our students stand out from the crowd and showcase excellent skills and knowledge like no other.


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