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Medical Billing New Orleans - Allied Prep

Medical Billing Certification Program


The Allied Prep medical billing program gives students the opportunity to learn medical billing online or in a classroom setting. At the end of this 20-week program, students should have the necessary knowledge to pass the AAPC certification exam to become a CPB - a certified professional biller.


Like medical coders, medical billers must be familiar with the most common codes used for classifying medical diagnoses. In addition, they must be able to facilitate the entire billing process. A medical biller’s responsibilities typically include verifying that the medical codes are correct, assembling claims, sending those claims to insurance providers, and ultimately billing patients for any uncovered costs.

Medical billers have a lot of responsibility on their plates, as the success of any medical practice relies on the ability of the billing office to correctly, quickly, and successfully get outstanding bills paid, both by insurance providers and patients. Doing this job well requires a strong understanding of medical insurance, the claims process, and the appeals process.

At the same time, medical billers need to be professional and courteous. They must maintain strong working relationships with doctors, insurance providers, and patients.


When you learn medical billing at Allied Prep, you will gain a broad understanding of each of these skill sets while also carefully studying the codes covered on the AAPC certification exam. You’ll have the opportunity to take practice exams multiple times in preparation for the real thing, helping ensure that you can pass the test and start your career as a medical biller right away.

Contact Allied Prep to learn more about our online program and our in-class option. Be sure to ask about our financial aid options. And also know that, here at Allied Prep, we strive to make our courses as affordable and effective as possible. Our goal is to help you find a career that you love and can be successful at.


Give us a call today at 504-304-8826 to learn more about the medical billing program. We can provide you with a more comprehensive look at the course and help you gauge your job prospects once you’re a certified professional biller. You can enroll in the online course as soon as you’re ready. 

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