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Financial Aid

Flexible Payment Options for Students Because We Want Every Student to Acquire Education and Skills without Any Financial Constraint!

Whether you want to enroll in our medical billing coding certification programs or you want to join our inpatient coding or Certified Professional Medical Auditor Training Program but don’t have the liquidity or financial strength to register and pay for the program, don’t worry! At Allied Prep, we offer you a wide range of flexible fee payment options, allowing you to enroll, study and complete your desired course with us without any kind of financial constraint.


At Allied Prep, we believe that every student has the right to acquire quality education and skills. We want the youth to acquire the skill set and knowledge they need through certification programs to stay competitive and current. We want students to advance in their careers without any limitation or constraint that otherwise may hold them back.


Browse through our variety of flexible and convenient fee payment options and select a payment mode that suits your situation the best:


· Pay with Your Credit or Debit Card

If you don’t have cash in hand but you do have a credit or debit card, then swipe your card to pay for the program. We accept debit and credit card payments through PayPal and Square. At Allied Prep, we accept all major credit cards including Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard. Please note that if you intend to use this option, you will be required to pay the full course amount at the time of your registration.


· PayPal

You can also pay for the program through PayPal payment service. For this, you will have to create PayPal account to make us a payment. You will have to pay in full, if you select this option.


· Private Loan Program

This is another fee payment option that we offer to all students. This is a private loan program that students can use to study in their desired course at our institute. Please note that to enroll in private loan program, students are required for mandatory automatic drafting.


· Pay as You Learn

As the name suggests, this fee payment option gives you the flexibility to pay for the course as you learn. This means that you don’t have to make a full payment during the time of your registration. Your fee payment is divided into 2 to 3 pieces. You’ll have to pay $150 when registering with us, and then pay the remaining balance before the midpoint of the program. To avail this option, you will have to authorize us to process a direct payment from your account.


Furthermore, no matter what option you choose to pay for the course, we would like to inform you that the registration fee is all inclusive. This means it includes course material, coursework and our proprietary assessment tools. Also, in case you don’t clear your certification examination, you will be able to access a refresher course and material with no additional fee or cost.


For more information about our fee payment options, contact us at 504.577.2066.

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