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Certified Professional Medical Auditor Training Program (Virtual Classroom)

Foster Career Growth by Taking the Next Big Step—Enroll in Our Certified Professional Medical Auditor Training Program and Make a Transition from Being a Medical Coder or Biller to a Certified Medical Auditor!

Are you already working as a medical biller or a coder? Want to improve your salary prospects? Looking for career advancement opportunities? Want to reach greater heights professionally? Then enroll in our Certified Professional Medical Auditor training program to tap new and lucrative job opportunities.


CPMA credential from a renowned and accredited medical technical institute like ours can help you advance your professional career at a fast pace. Healthcare professionals want to stay industry compliant and ensure that they have complete and accurate clinical documentation in their medical records, all much needed to deliver quality patient care in conformance with the highest industry standards. Therefore, they seek assistance from and employ Certified Professional Medical Auditors (CPMAs) for auditing tasks.


A CPMA has the knowledge, technical prowess and sound understanding of documentation and coding guidelines which help practices improve their revenue cycle and ensure that they are running efficiently, liability-free, and in compliance with the industry. Certified medical auditors are also hired by practitioners to help them identify coding inaccuracies and reimbursement deficiencies; verify ICD-10-CM and EHR records; to remedy code overuse or under coding; and prevent governmental investigational auditors for investigating their practice.


As the demand for certified medical auditors continue to rise, this profession has become extremely lucrative. According to, the median income for Certified Professional Medical Auditors in the US is nearly $56,064. And it is believed that the more experience that you gain as a CPMA, the higher your pay.


CPMA Requirements—Understanding the Pre-requisites

However, to pursue a career in auditing you must have at least 2 to 3 year experience as a medical biller or a coder. Besides this, you must have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. If you meet these pre-requisites and want to take the next step in your career then join our Certified Professional Medical Auditor Training Program right now.


CPMA Training Program—What to Expect?

Our CPMA program is exclusively designed to help students prepare for the AAPC CPMA certification exam and get ready to take their career to a new level. Offered in a classroom setting and led by a certified instructor, this is a 3-week and 12-hour program that will equip you with the skill-set and knowledge you need to become a competent, competitive and a certified medical auditor.


The course covers all essential topics and content necessary to demonstrate CPMA expertise. Training covers the following areas:

  • Medical documentation, penalties, abuse and fraud for coding and documentation violation based on governmental guidelines;
  • Coding and quality assurance risk analysis;
  • Methodologies of statistical sampling;
  • Medical record abstraction abilities and auditing skills;
  • Communication of findings and results;
  • Identifying reimbursement deficiencies and incorrect coding procedures; and more.


Once you complete the course, you will be able to take your CPMA exam and clear it successfully. In case, if you don’t, you will be given access to refresher material for free so that you can pass the exam the next time around.


So, what are you waiting for? Take the Career Leap by Enroll with us today!

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