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Medical Billing Certification Online, Medical Billing Classes

Become Certified to Get More Job Opportunities, Better Salary, and Greater Chances of Career Advancement!

To deliver quality patient care, full focus of the clinician or a doctor is a must. For this reason, healthcare professionals are now getting medical billers on board to manage their billing procedures and revenue cycle while they pay full attention to patient treatments and care.


However, their first choice is certified billers because they want value-adding resources. They want someone who is job-ready, trained, knowledgeable, and has the right skill-set. Furthermore, by hiring a certified medical biller, they can save on time, money and energy on training billers.


As not many billers go for certification or are able to clear the certification examination, they are short in supply. Therefore, healthcare professionals are willing to hire certified medical billing specialists at a handsome salary. Besides this, certified billers have greater chances of career advancements and more job opportunities.


So, if you want to enjoy a successful, lucrative and progressive career, enroll in our medical technical institute in New Orleans today. We are a renowned institute offering both online and classroom medical billing training programs to students. Unlike other institutes, our medical billing training program is quite different, and needless to say, the best.


We provide you with quality education, industry knowledge, and professional training that you need to not just clear the AAPC certification examination and become a Certified Professional Biller (CPB) but also to step in the real-world with a competitive edge. With us, you will be job-ready. And this is what you need to perform exceptionally on the job and excel professionally.


Classroom Setting Medical Billing Training Programs

To deliver students what we promise at our medical technical institute in New Orleans, we have hired the best professional, dedicated and certified instructors. Our programs are led by certified instructors who have deep industry exposure and are abreast with the industry developments. They transfer their knowledge to students through interactive and engaging classroom sessions. They share ideas, experiences and real-world examples to help students understand the billing profession and their responsibilities in a better way.


Our instructors have designed the billing curriculum in a way that it prepares you for the certification exam and a bright future. The curriculum is comprehensive and focuses on targeting practically every aspect of the complex medical billing profession, so that students are well-trained to take on real-world challenges.


In our classroom sessions, you will learn how to perform job responsibilities like billing submission, how to improve cash flows and reduce lag days, follow up with insurance companies, maintaining patient records and dealing with claim disputes. In addition to this, you will also learn how to reduce delays, denials and roll payments quickly.


Our instructors will teach your techniques and tricks and share with you proven tips to minimize rejections and payment delays and how to enter data accurately. They will teach you how to verify data and become detail-oriented because accuracy is what this profession demands the most. Furthermore, you’ll learn about encounter forms, superbills, HIPPA compliance and regulations, ways to collect patient information, ICD, CPT codes, medical history, and conduct quality checks.


Once the course is complete, you will be well-prepared to take the CPB certification exam and clear it in your first attempt.


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