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ACPA Advantage

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1 6 Month Access

Certified Inpatient Coding Practice 

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Medical Billing Certification Practice 

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Medical Coding Certification Practice

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Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment (ACPA)


                                  Dedicated to Ensure Your Professional Success

At Allied Prep Technical Institute, we are dedicated to ensure your professional success and career growth. And this is clearly evident from our comprehensive coursework, committed staff and our ACPA tool. We are a medical technical institute that is continuously striving to introduce new, advanced and value-adding study methods and tools to improve student success rate when they take their certification examination. We want our students to have the right skill-set, up-to-date knowledge, technical prowess, and sound understanding about the field of their choice.

Whether you wish to pursue a career as an inpatient coder, want to improve your chances of securing a job with your dream employer or you want to improve your salary prospects, with us, you can achieve a better and brighter future because that’s what we prepare and train you for.

To help you excel professionally, we are ready to go the extra mile. Along with quality education, we also offer you an online assessment tool—ACPA (Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment) system.


Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment Tool—Preparing You for the Certification Exam and the Real World

Whether you’re enrolled in our medical billing certification online course or medical coding classroom training program, the ACPA tool will further assist you in preparing for the certification exam and the real world.

Once you have access to our online assessment tool, you can work towards strengthening your coding skills by using actual charts and gain invaluable real-world experience. Unlike other tools, the ACPA provides you training based on real-world medical coding situations and issues that professional medical coders deal on a daily basis; not just hypothetical situations.

Furthermore, the Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment tool also gives medical billing students access to practice exams. These exams mirror the certification exams. By taking these exams, you can improve and strengthen your billing skills and significantly improve your chances of not just clearing the AAPC certification examination but also landing a lucrative job opportunity as a certified medical billing specialist. This tool truly prepares you for your future endeavors and makes sure that you are at par with professionals already working in the mainstream.

As you prepare for the exam on our Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment tool, you’ll begin to understand your strengths and weak areas. This is very important to know how much you have grasped and learned; and what are the areas to study more and focus on better.


For more information about of Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment Tool or to get access, get in touch with us today.

Prepare Yourself to Tap a World of Lucrative Job Opportunities.

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